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Safety Glass/Fire Glass

We provide and install laminated and toughened safety glass in various thicknesses, including 1/2hr and 1hr resistant wire and non-wire fire glass. Additionally, we keep in stock “Robax,” a glass commonly used in the fronts of glass stoves.

Custom solutions for every application

In modern architecture, fire and safety glasses play vital roles, offering essential protection and assurance in residential and commercial environments. At Wimsey Glass, we prioritize safety alongside aesthetics, offering a wide range of glass solutions designed to meet rigorous standards and needs.

Fire glass, or fire-rated glass, is engineered to contain fire and smoke, crucial for emergency situations. Comprising multiple layers of specially treated glass, it withstands high temperatures and inhibits flame spread, reducing damage and aiding safe evacuation. Our fire glass products, from doors and windows to partitions and curtain walls, provide dependable protection while maintaining design flexibility.

Durable and quality assured safety glass

In addition to fire glass, safety-rated glass is essential for building safety. Designed to minimise injury upon breakage, it fragments into harmless pieces instead of sharp shards. Processes like tempering or laminating enhance its strength and durability, making it ideal for areas prone to human impact or accidental breakage, such as doors, windows, shower enclosures, and glass balustrades.

Wimsey Glass offers a variety of options tailored to your needs. Whether you seek to bolster fire resistance, enhance safety in high-traffic zones, or add protection to your space, our expert team is ready to assist. With our dedication to quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and customer satisfaction, trust us to deliver reliable solutions that offer functionality and peace of mind. Reach out today to explore our fire and safety glass products and how they can elevate the safety and security of your building.

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